What are the top 10 reasons to invest in e-business?

This is the top 10 reasons to invest in e-business?

10. It can make business processes more efficient.

It can help improve the speed and accuracy of transactions. For example, an online ordering system can eliminate or reduce manual paper work and telephone order taking.

9. It can reduce costs

E-business can reduce costs by decreasing the time it takes to complete business processes. Invoices can be processed quickly and accurately. Studies show that an automated system can save two-thirds of the costs involved in manually processing a customer order.

8. It allows small businesses to compete with larger businesses

From the vantage point of the customer, a professional Web presence can make your business comparable to larger competitors and enhance the credibility of your business.

7. It enables quick and widespread distribution of information

By using a website that can be easily updated, you will be able to quickly supply customers with current information. For example, you can change your products and prices more quickly and efficiently on the Web compared to a print-based catalogue.

6. It enhances customer service

The Internet allows you to give customers more choices while offering them quick and easy access to information about your business. E-mail and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are two examples of simple, cost-effective tools that can improve your customer relations. Plus, the Internet allows you to service clients 24/7!

5. It can help you reach new markets

People are increasingly using the Internet to find information and to conduct transactions. Depending on your goals, the Internet can help you target new customers, including customers beyond your local market. Even if you don’t sell anything online, a website makes it easier for potential customers to find you.

4. It enables you to improve your marketing strategies

With the Internet, it’s easier to summarize and analyze information about customers visiting and buying from your website. You can use this information to modify your promotional strategies to maximize sales.

3. It can increase your sales

A website can increase your sales by providing a larger market, by making it easier for customers and suppliers to look at your products and services, and by making it easier for people to buy your products.

2. It can help you find better business deals

You can use the Internet to find information about products, services and suppliers. It provides you with quick access to product reviews and cost comparisons.

And the number one reason to invest in e-business

1. You can’t afford not to

The costs of not doing e-business include loss of customers to competitors with good websites and loss of potential revenue. There are also many existing tools and software, many designed for small businesses, that offer you low-cost solutions to meet your business needs.

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