Where You Should Promote Your Blog to Get More Readers

Beyond not being confident in your writing expertise, one of the other concerns business owners often have when getting started is figuring out how to promote their blogs and get people to actually read it.

Here’s a look at some of the ways you can promote your blog:

1. Emails

If you’re using email marketing to keep in touch with people, try including the first few paragraphs of your blog in your email newsletter. That alone can help drive traffic to your blog and your website, and also provide inspiration for email newsletter content.

2. Facebook

At Constant Contact, our social media team works closely with members of our content team to ensure that our blog posts get maximum exposure. Sometimes, Facebook posts about blog posts can generate a whole new conversation on Facebook. And, don’t forget to share your blog posts on your personal Facebook profile, too!

3. Twitter

Twitter is another great place to feature blog posts. Problem is, you only have 140 characters to work with. To work around this, try tweeting a summary of your post, a quote pulled from the post, or just commenting on the post itself. Anything that creates traffic back to your blog is a good thing.

Want to really spread the word? Try starting a Tweet Chat about the blog topic. You can also include your blog’s URL with your Twitter handle, so people can see that you have one. If you know some industry influencers, tweet the post to them and ask for their opinion. If they respond, that can start a whole snowball of publicity.

4. LinkedIn

If you have a blog post that’s talking about business— especially sales or marketing—LinkedIn has a lot of groups you can join to start a discussion. This can broaden your audience, encourage readers to engage with you about the material, and might even give you ideas for future blog posts.

5. Pinterest

Pinterest is an extremely visual social network. To encourage pinning your blog post, make sure you have an interesting image to go along with it.

A funny picture or an infographic can get pinned and re-pinned a lot, which will also drive traffic to your blog.

6. Comments section

If you’re a frequent commenter on industry blogs, you can also link back to your own blog as a point of reference when you leave a comment.

Just include it in the comments section that most websites have for anyone who wants to comment on a blog post.

7. Guest post

Look around for bigger websites that are looking for content contributors. The advantage of the guest post is that it gets your name and your organization out there, and you have the opportunity to link back to your own blog.

8. Syndication

Alternatively, you can try syndicating your own blog with websites, so that your blog’s content appears on the site somewhere. That can open up a whole new channel for the posts and expose your blog to a new audience.


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